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First Place - McLaren Memorial Comedy Playwriting Competition



Second Place (out of 125 plays) - The Robert J. Pickering Award for Playwriting Excellence


It’s Christmas Eve and a young newspaper reporter, on the brink of being fired, has been assigned a last chance story about a typical family Christmas - his family. He goes home to his recently widowed mother, his crazy uncle, and eccentric grandmother as well as battling siblings and neurotic spouses with no shortage of material. One by one, we learn of each family member’s secrets, problems and dysfunctions, and when they learn that he’s writing an article with some very personal family information, the fruitcake hits the fan. The question is, will the magic of Christmas bring this family back together?

“From the first opening lines to the surprising joyous conclusion the entire audience was in almost constant laughter!” – LA Post Examiner”

“CRITICS PICK! 5 out of 5 stars…It’s a howler a la Neil Simon with a laugh about every two seconds!…Go see A Nice Family Christmas!” -

“Each comment is more hilarious than the next!” – CurtainUp!

“The humor is outrageously frank and downright funny!” - Norwegian American Magazine

“A laugh a minute!” – LA Splash Magazine

“A holiday see it!” – Tolucan Times

“What a great evening of laughter!’’ -

"A Nice Family Christmas is something you should treat your whole family to!” – The Geek Authority



MOM'S GIFT   Family Comedy    A TWO-ACT PLAY



First Place - McLaren Memorial Comedy Playwriting Competition



Best Stage Play

World Series of Screenwriting Competition



TRU New Voices Play Festival



Northern Writes Playwright Festival


- Finalist,  Ashland New Plays Festival, Ashland OR
- Finalist,  Best Stage Play, Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest, Beverly Hills, CA
- 3rd Place out of 1,000 scripts:  WriteMovies International Screenplay Competition, Beverly Hills, CA
- Semi-Finalist,  HRC Showcase Theatre, Hudson NY
- Semi-Finalist (Top 10)  Stanley Drama Award, Staten Island, NY
- Honorable Mention,  Ohio State Newark New Play Contest, Newark OH
- Quarter Finals in The Happy Writers Contest. Out of 953 scripts, 200 were put in the Quarter Finals


MOM'S GIFT is now available for licensing through Samuel French Publishers.


Get 20% OFF scripts, online, using code: GIFT

(offer good thru August 31, 2014)


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“If you love the comedy, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ this modern variant by playwright Phil Olson is just for you!” 

- Not Born Yesterday


“This is a MUST SEE to make your holiday complete!” - NoHo Arts


“Time rarely moves so fast on stage as in ‘Mom’s Gift.’ The rapid-fire succession of uproarious one-liners and poignant family revelations brings the audience to the completely unexpected surprise ending in what seems like a flash!” - Norwegian American Weekly


A rare treat! If it is indeed holiday entertainment you are looking for, Olson’s play will fill those emotional gaps and turn a routine holiday into an unforgettable journey towards forgiveness, love and self-transformation. It is a unique theatrical experience!” - The Tolucan Patch


“A humorously poignant and thought-provoking story... Touching and hysterical in turns...Heartwarming and compelling...This story is a heartfelt cross between family dynamics, the loss of a loved one, and the power of love.”  - Tolucan Times


“An audience pleaser!...There is a surprise ending that will not be divulged here, but suffice it to say, the result is an always engaging, funny evening of love and laughter.” - Stage Happenings


This new play by playwright Phil Olson, creator of the ‘Don’t Hug Me’ series of comedies, composes a play that is charming, bittersweet (more sweet than bitter), and most of all, is rather comical in terms of one liners and plot situations...Captivating, witty, and most of all, tells a story that speaks about a bonding between mother and daughter, even though this bonding is far from the ordinary.”

- Accessibly Live


“A crowd pleaser!...’Mom’s Gift’ demonstrates playwright Olson’s gift at creating the kind of old-fashioned feel-good comedy that hardly gets written anymore, one that not only provides ample laughs but more than a few tears when things take a dramatic turn in its surprise-twisty last half-hour....The popularity of Olson’s Don’t Hug Me series and the upcoming Samuel French publication of his latest could easily make “Mom’s Gift” a community and dinner theater favorite. That it is family-friendly fare is icing on the cake!” - Stage Scene LA


Wonderful!...There were numerous laugh-out-loud moments. Even better, however, were the twists in the second act. The ultimate resolution of the story was quite touching, and even brought a little dampness to the eyes. It demonstrated (yet again) that a well-written story is the heart of great theatre. If you can get tickets, it is well worth seeing!” - Observations Along the Road



DON'T HUG ME     Musical Comedy
Wrote the book and lyrics for Don't Hug Me, including 17 original songs. 



 Best Original Musical

Best Author Original Play

Best Director

Best Ensemble Cast

Artistic Director Achievement Awards


Received top honors in The Robert J. Pickering Award for Playwriting Excellence, the McLaren Memorial Comedy Playwriting Competition and was selected top 5% in The Chesterfield Writer's Film Project out of 2,600 scripts. Don't Hug Me is available for licensing through Samuel French Publishers.


Please visit for more info.

Synopsis: The setting is a small bar in Bunyan Bay, Minnesota, up near Canada. It’s the coldest day of the year and Gunner Johnson wants to sell his bar called, "The Bunyan," and move to Florida. Clara, his wife, wants to stay. The waitress, Bernice Lundstrom, wants to pursue a singing career. Her fiancé, Chanute Gunderson, wants her to stay home. When a fast talking salesman, Aarvid Gisselsen, promises to bring more romance into their lives through the magic of karaoke, all heck breaks loose.

Featuring 17 original songs including:
- I’m a Walleye Woman in a Cräppie Town
- My Smorgasbord of Love
- Upside Down in my Pickup Truck
- I Wanna go to the Mall of America
- The Bunyan Yodel
- The Ice House Blue

"A lot of laughs!...A great time!...Go see it!" - Tom Barnard, KQRS Radio
"The quintessential definition of fun!" -KLBB Radio
"A hokey-jokey karaoke crowd pleaser!" - Los Angeles Times
"A quirky, charming musical!" - Joel Zwick, Director of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"
"Terrifically silly!" - LA WEEKLY
"Immerse yourself in two hours of fun and farce!" - The Tolucan
"Delightful!...Adorable!...Silly!...Funny!...A real crowd pleaser!" - Valley Vantage
"Outstanding!" - American Eagle News
"Sensational!" - The Blade
"A feel good love story!" - NoHo LA
"Oh fer sittin" on the cat, it"s a dern good night out at the local bar!" - Canyon News

"Clever...Eclectic...More than the typical hotdish musical review!" - Minneapolis Star Tribune
"One of its songs rhymes "Minnesota" with "Abe Vigoda" and you just have to love that!"     - St. Paul Pioneer Press

"The Olson brothers have done for karaoke what Christopher Guest did for folk music in "A Mighty Wind!" - Sherman Oaks Sun
"This is the funniest show that I"ve seen in the longest time!" - KPFK Radio
"Hilarious!"Part of the fun was seeing who laughed the loudest and at what!"

                                                      - Sons of Norway
"A loopy valentine to his home turf in snow-ravaged Minnesota!" - Backstage West
"What do you mean Don't Hug Me? I want to hug everyone involved in this delightful musical!!" - Ronald Jacobs, Producer/Director/Writer - Andy Griffith Show, Dick Van Dyke Show
"Two hours of fun and farce!"  The Tolucan



Wrote the book and lyrics for A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol, including 17 original songs.

A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol, the sequel to Don't Hug Me, opened and played in 5 cities simultaneously in 2006, extraordinary for live theatre.


Please visit for more information.


A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol is now available for licensing through Samuel French Publishers.


Synopsis: It's Christmas Eve and cantankerous Gunner gets in an argument with his wife, Clara. He declares that he doesn't want to have Christmas this year, storms out of the bar and goes snowmobiling across the lake. On the lake, he hits a soft spot, falls through the ice on his skidoo and goes into a coma. Gunner then comes back to the bar in his dream and witnesses what goes on when he's not there. He's visited by world famous folk legend, Sven Yorgensen, who plays the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future. Sven takes Gunner (Scrooge) on a journey similar to that in "A Christmas Carol" only very different. Will Gunner come out of his coma and find redemption at The Bunyan? Find out.

Featuring 17 original, soon to be Christmas classics, including:
- It's Christmas Time so Water the Tree
- Stuck in a Chimney
- Gramma Cut the Christmas Cheese
- The Wheel is Turnin' but the Hamster is Dead
- You Can Call Me Tiny
- It's Christmas Time so Please Give Me Some
- Gunner Fell Into an Ice Hole

- I'm So Hosed

- What Would Barbra Streisand Do?


Best Musical of 2006!

"Non-stop laughs!...I loved it!" - LA Scene
"A wonderful, zany musical comedy!"   - Irish News
"A crowd-pleasing holiday hoot!…Book your seats today!"  - Tolucan Times
"Big laughs!...A fun-filled holiday vacation!" -Studio City Sun
"Holiday amusement for the whole family!...It’s the delicious holiday chocolate that more than makes do while  you're waiting for that new bicycle!" - Valley Scene
"A laugh a minute!"   - Norway Times
"It's not a wonder that this enjoyable holiday musical
has been extended more than once!"
- National Jewish News
"Hysterical!"  - KCLA Radio
"Rib-tickling fun!" - St. Cloud Times
"There were tears in my eyes with laughter!" -The Ticket Stub

"If you're looking for something to put you in the holiday spirit, be sure to catch A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol!"  -Kane County Chronicle


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Studio City Sun Review

St. Cloud Times Review

Norway Times Review

National Jewish News Review Review

Tolucan Times Review
First Street Playhouse




A DON'T HUG ME COUNTY FAIR      Musical Comedy
Wrote the book and lyrics for A Don't Hug Me County Fair, including 17 original songs. A Don't Hug Me County Fair first opened at the Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre Carol in February, 2009, and was booked to play in seven other theatres before it was written. A Don't Hug Me County Fair was nominated for 8 Artistic Director Achievement Awards in Los Angeles, winning three awards including Best Author Original Play.


Please visit for more information.


A Don't Hug Me County Fair is now available for licensing through Samuel French Publishers.



Best Author Original Play

Artistic Director Achievement Award


Synopsis: It’s county fair time in Bunyan Bay, Minnesota, the biggest thing that’s happened since the winter carnival snowplow parade. This year the Bunyan County Fair means two things to Gunner and
Clara Johnson, owners of a little bar called The Bunyan; The big County Fair Fishing Contest and The Miss Walleye Queen Competition. Bernice, the pretty waitress, sees this as her big chance to win
Miss Walleye Queen, to be discovered, and more important, to have her face carved in butter at the Minnesota State Fair. The trouble begins when Gunner’s wife, Clara, decides she also wants to win Miss Walleye Queen, and when Gunner’s estranged twin sister, Trigger, shows up to try to win the beauty pageant, things get ugly.
Featuring 18 original songs including:
● Our Butter Face Queen
● Pontoon Ladies
● I'm Just a Pretty Forest Ranger
● My Campfire is Burnin' For You
● If I Could Win Miss Walleye Queen
● I'm a Bunyan Woman

"It's wonderful!"  - Dick Clark, TV Icon
"This extremely funny and charming musical has more genuine laughs per minute than any recently staged comedy presented within the Los Angeles area!"
- Accessibly Live
"GO!...Crowd pleasing!"  - LA WEEKLY
"Riotously funny!"
 - Norwegian American Weekly
"A fun romp that is bound to be a popular superhit!" -RECOMMENDED! - Grigware Talks Theatre
"I love to laugh, and I did!...It is just the sort of play that an earnest, energetic small theatre company would love to mount!" 
"A howl-a-minute hoot!...Following the success of Don't Hug Me and A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol, which both tour the U.S., this is the third in the series. In my opinion, this is the most outrageously zany and riotously entertaining of the trio!"  
- Tolucan Times
"I laughed so hard my sides hurt!...I loved it!"  
- American Radio Network
"You won't want to miss the fun of this third trip to Bunyan Bay!"  
- Stage Happenings
"Phil Olson's jokes are as frequent as mosquito bites. They just keep coming...I laughed so hard and so often that I might have damaged some of my sturdy Norwegian innards!"

                                         - LA Comedy Examiner
"Thigh slapping fun!...Go see it!"
 -LA Taco
"100% Sweet!" 
"When I saw the first Don’t Hug Me, I said 'Don’t Hug Me? I want to hug everyone who was involved in this wonderful show.' I didn’t say anything after seeing the second Don’t Hug Me. I was too busy  laughing. And now the newest Don’t Hug Me carries on in the same great vein. Phil Olson’s weird mind and quirky comedy hits the target again."
- Ronald Jacobs; Producer, Director, Writer. Associated with  22 pilot films sold to the networks, 26 Comedy/Variety Specials, 20  movies for television, nine feature films. Producer of The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Andy Griffith Show, That Girl, Make Room For Daddy, Gomer Pyle, The Mod Squad, I Spy.


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Norwegian American Weekly

Forest Lake Times

Forest Lake Press

Tolucan Times

LA Comedy Examiner

Stage Happenings

LA Taco




DON'T HUG ME, I'M PREGNANT      Musical Comedy

Wrote the book and lyrics for Don't Hug Me, I'm Pregnant including 17 original songs. Don't Hug Me, I'm Pregnant first opened at the Secret Rose Theatre in Los Angeles in September of 2011. Once again the Don't Hug Me musical was booked to play in multiple cities before it was written.


Please visit for more information.


Don't Hug Me, I'm Pregnant is now available for licensing through Samuel French Publishers.


Synopsis: The story takes place in Bunyan Bay, Minnesota, in a little bar called "The Bunyan," owned by Clara and Gunner Johnson. Clara is 8 1/2 months pregnant with their first child, and today she's looking forward to her baby shower, getting lots of presents, and taking a break from her raging hormones. Suddenly, a freak snow storm, a "tsnownami," hits Bunyan Bay and they find themselves snowed in. All roads are closed. No one can get in or leave. Gunner's worst nightmare comes true when Clara goes into labor and he realizes he's going to have to deliver the baby in the bar.


Featuring 17 original songs you'll want to sing to your new born, including:

- Babies and Beer

- If I Only Had a Boy

- Bun in the Oven

- The 'Just Got Hosed Over by a Dork' Blues

- If Men Had Babies, We'd All Be Extinct



"Go one, go all to Don't Hug Me, I'm Pregnant! The show is guaranteed to please,

and has big hit written all over it!" -



"Think Rowan and Martin's Laugh In on steroids!"




"With hilarious lines and 17 uproarious songs, Don't Hug Me, I'm Pregnant is a laugh a minute, maybe more!...The Olson Brothers, Phil and Paul have done it again,

given us a play that keeps us laughing throughout!" -



"You will find yourself literally laughing out loud at the antics of Gunner, Clara, Kanute, Bernice and Aarvid, and having them bring a bundle of joy into the world is a good thing!" - Topanga Messenger



"The most successful play in our theater's 12 year history!"

- Jon Hassler Theater



"Wonderful characters, new terrific original songs, great choreography and belly filled laughs! ...Hysterically funny!...The audience roars with laughter!...Extraordinarily great fun!...For those of you that love silly, funny and entertaining evenings out, this is for you!...Come out and enjoy!"



"If you're up for a break from the woes of the world, and ready to laugh until your cheeks hurt, this is the one to catch!...Guttbustingly funny, the nonstop audience laughter was thunderous!...If you're already a Don't Hug Me fan, I know you'll catch this one too. If you've never seen any of the others, it's high time you did! Book a seat today!"- Tolucan Times


"The biggest compliment you can pay a musical comedy is that it is funny...Don't Hug Me, I'm Pregnant is that and so much more...The writing is crisp, intelligent and doesn't miss a beat...proves vastly entertaining and provides a depth uncommon in theatrical comedies and musicals...hilarious yet touches the funny and musical bones!"

- North Hollywood-Toluca Lake Patch


Click to View

Tolucan Times

NoHo Arts

LA Weekly

Broadway World

Tolucan Patch

Review Plays




DON'T HUG ME, WE'RE MARRIED    Musical Comedy

Wrote the book and lyrics for Don't Hug Me, We're Married including 17 original songs.
Don't Hug Me, We're Married
first opened at the Lonny Chapman Group Rep Theatre in
Los Angeles in October of 2014. Once again the Don't Hug Me musical was booked to play
in multiple cities before it was written.


Please visit for more information.


Don't Hug Me, We're Married is now available for licensing through Samuel French Publishers.


Synopsis: Don’t Hug Me, We’re Married takes place in a small north woods bar in Bunyan Bay, Minnesota.
Gunner and Clara Johnson are owners of the bar, they’ve been married “a long time,” the romance has
left the marriage, and Clara would like to get it back. When Gunner finds a pamphlet that Clara was hiding for
“Divorce Fantasy Camp,” he realizes he needs to do something to convince his wife he’s a good husband.
At the same time, Bernice, the pretty waitress, gets engaged to Aarvid, a karaoke salesman.
Gunner’s twin sister, Trigger (played by Gunner) comes to town and proposes to Kanute, the local business icon.
It’s a double wedding. Will anyone get cold feet? Would someone try to derail the wedding? Will Clara go to
Divorce Fantasy Camp? What could possibly go wrong? Everything.
Rest assured, nothing will go as wedding-planned in Bunyan Bay.

Featuring 17 original songs including:
-  The Marriage Test
-  Marriage is Forever
-  Lower Expectations
-  I’m Gettin’ Hitched
-  The Day That Bob Dylan Was Here
-  It’s All Comin’ Together
-  We’re All Gonna Die

World Series of Screenwriting
Stage Play Competition

"A barrel of laughs!

- Review Plays

 – LA Examiner

The surprises and belly laughs are non-stop!...
A totally entertaining musical with a nutty storyline, ‘over the top visuals,’
and whacky songs.   Whats not to like?”
Tolucan Times

“DONT HUG ME, WERE MARRIED is the best yet with a fantastic script,
eccentric and unconventional characters, laughter galore and 17
new thoroughly entertaining and hilarious musical numbers!...
so funny you fall off your chair!...
One of the lines is so funny it almost stopped the show!”
“This is one you MUST SEE!”

"The new musical comedy, "Don't Hug Me, We're Married," proves that you cant have
too much of a good thing. Whacky but right-on in its observations on relationships,
the play is brought to life with a multi-talented, energetic cast that acts,
sings and dances its way through an often twisted but always hilarious plot!”
Norwegian American Weekly

 “DONT HUG ME, WERE MARRIED Incites Roars of Laughter!…
This latest installment in this series of raucous musical comedies boasts
a bevy of comical complications!” “Hilarity abounds!”
- Get the Word Out

“‘Dont Hug Me, Were Married is the funniest Dont Hug Me yet!...
With 17 original songs, each one will have you tapping your feet and singing
long after the musical is over for the night!”
-Plainview News

 "'Dont Hug Me, Were Married' Is Loads Of Fun!
Looking for a fun evening? Go to the Lonny Chapman Theatre for The Group Rep
world premiere musical comedy,
'Dont Hug Me, Were Married.'
The musical reminds me of Peter Falk
s Lt. Columbo: artless on the surface,
but possessing a shrewd insight into the human condition. Make that
humorous insight.
Last Saturday
s audience laughed often enough to rival a sitcom soundtrack!"



Wrote the book and lyrics for Polyester The Musical. Polyester The Musical first opened at Actors Forum Theatre in Los Angeles, California in November, 2009, to rave reviews and sold out houses.


Please visit for more information.

It's "Mamma Mia" meets "Spinal Tap"


POLYESTER THE MUSICAL is the story of THE SYNCHRONISTICS, an over-the-hill ABBA wannabe group that reunites after 20 years to perform at a public access tv telethon, put their differences aside, and try to save the station from going under. The year was 1979 and The Synchronistics were big. Big enough to be on Johnny Carson. Their hit single, "Better Together" rose to number two on the Billboard Charts. Then something terrible happened that drove the group apart. And now, 20 years later, they're back together in Maple Valley, their home town, to perform at the 1999 WKLN public access TV Telethon. Will they overcome their differences from 20 years ago, act professionally and help save WKLN from going under? Probably not. But you never know what to expect when this dysfunctional group gets last time. A farcical 70's time warp.

Featuring 16 original songs including "The Funk Train" and "Bump Your Booty Rump."

"Be sure to check out this toe-tapping, hilarious journey back to your Dancing Queen days!"

                                                                                     - Actors Entertainment

“A rollicking good time!" – The Tolucan Times
"I loved it!" - Fred Willard
“A fun-filled show!"
– Stage Happenings
 “It’s fun, fun, fun all the way through…you will have a ball! It is the perfect show to pick up your spirits!”
 “It’s great fun!”  RECOMMENDED –
“Polyester The Musical will become the next big thing.”
– Accessibly Live - NoHo Arts

"Polyester The Musical is by far the most successful and well accepted shows in the 10 year history of the Garden Guest Dinner Theatre. The audiences absolutely adored it. I was asked several times by audience members, "How are you going to top this one?"
- Brenda Hensley, Managing Director - Garden Guest Dinner Theatre


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Stage Happenings




A Nice Family Gathering, won the Rochester Playwright Festival, was a finalist in the The Robert J. Pickering Award for Playwriting Excellence, and The Phoenix Theatre’s Festival of Emerging American Theatre, and a semi-finalist in the Ukiah Players New Comedy Festival as well as the Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project. The play was produced in Los Angeles at the Groundlings Theatre and at The Group Repertory Theatre, receiving LA WEEKLY Pick of the Week. The play was also produced in Rochester, Minnesota as part of the national playwright competition, and at the Scandinavian Festival in Thousand Oaks, California.

Please visit for more information.

A Nice Family Gathering is now available for licensing through Samuel French Publishers.

Synopsis: A Nice Family Gathering is a story about a man who loved his wife so much, he almost told her. It’s Thanksgiving Day and the first family gathering at the Lundeen household since the Patriarch died. At the gathering, Dad comes back as a ghost with a mission; to tell his wife he loved her, something he neglected to tell her while he was alive. After all, they were only married for 41 years. The problem is, she can’t hear or see him. The trouble begins when Mom invites a date for dinner.


Rochester Playwright Festival



TRU New Voices Playwright Competition



Best Play of the Season

Eunice Player's Annual Irving Awards


* State College of Florida

National Theatre Honorary Fraternity WINNER

* Inland Theatre League Award WINNER

* Nominated for 5 Encore Awards

* Regional Winner, State Finalist in the Texas State High School

One-Act Play Competition (Edited Version - to one hour)

"Hilarious and touching…" LA WEEKLY Pick of the Week 

"Exquisite sense of humor…memorable characters…" Daily Variety

"A good heart is behind all this family silliness…" Los Angeles Times

"Garrison Keillor meets "Topper" by way of "Fargo"…" NPR

"A surefire, laugh-a-minute hit…" The Tolucan Times

"Hilarious…superbly directed…" American Eagle News

"Uniformly superb performances…" NoHo News

"It’s packed with mishaps that translates into fun…" Encino News

"'A Nice Family Gathering' is that rarest of all plays - a fun evening that is both comic and tender. There is genuineness to the script that is quite unusual. In fact, it is astonishing that the playwright, Phil Olson has remained so little recognized. Discover him for yourself!"


"A heart touching comedy that every family can relate to."   - Lake Orion Review

"It's a wonderful play to take all your loved ones to, and maybe you will come out realizing how much you care for each other and how comparatively "normal" your family is."

                                                                - JAZ Tech

"For a heart warming comedy, be sure to catch 'A Nice Family Gathering!'" - The Theater Mirror

"A Nice Family Gathering is a laugh-out-loud funny play with great comic performances and a lively script where sibling rivalry and running gags abound!" - Studio City Sun

"If you want to spend an evening at the theater laughing until the tears stream down your face, don't miss 'A Nice Family Gathering!'" - The Pantagraph

"It's rare for a theater troupe to make the audience members laugh at one scene then dry their eyes at the next. But the Anna Maria Island Players achieve just that with 'A Nice Family Gathering.'"         -

"An enjoyable holiday romp that will make everyone pick up their phone and talk to their moms...a perfect opening to the holiday season." -

"What makes the play so enjoyable is that everyone can see aspects of their family in the characters and family dynamics of the Lundeens." - Paper Trail

Click to view

LA Weekly-Pick of the Week

Tolucan Times - World Premiere Review

Tolucan Times - Revival Review

Norway Times

New Jersey News Room

Studio City Sun

NoHo News

Mansfield News

The Oxford Leader

Bradenton - Island Players


Whittier - Paper Trail

Theater Mirror

Glendive, Montana

Central Illinois



Cräppie Talk won the Gilmore Creek Playwright Competition and was a semi-finalist in the Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project. The play was produced at The Group Repertory Theatre in North Hollywood, receiving LA WEEKLY Pick of the Week, and at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota as part of the national playwright competition. Cräppie Talk was also produced at the Scandinavian Festival in Thousand Oaks, California, and at the Hostfest; the national Scandinavian Festival in Minot, North Dakota.

Please visit for more information.

Cräppie Talk is available for licensing through Eldridge Publishing under the title, KOLD Radio, Whitefish Bay. Please visit for info about licensing.

Synopsis: The setting is Whitefish Bay, Minnesota, up near the Canadian border. Lars Knudsen is the host of a radio show called, "Crappie Talk," devoted entirely to ice fishing for Crappies. Lars has no listeners, so he loses his only advertiser, Ole’s Bait Mart and Deer Petting Farm. Martha Bjorklund, Lars’ love interest, hosts "Book Beat." She has all the listeners, and all the advertisers. Lars has issues with this. The issues multiply when a Brooklyn Italian comes to Whitefish Bay, buys the radio station, promotes Martha and fires Lars.


Gilmore Creek Playwriting Competition

"Olson has actually come up with a two act pilot for a TV series. In high conseptese, it’s Cheers, meets WKRP in Cincinnati, meets Newhart…and throw in Fargo, too…" LA Times

"Combine superb comic writing with solid direction and a smart cast with great timing, and you’re headed for a comedy hit." LA WEEKLY Pick of the Week

"…hilarious…side-splitting pace…A real audience pleaser, this comedy is totally silly, entertaining and refreshingly unique." The Tolucan Times

"A heart-warming tale in cold Minnesota where you’ll find love, laughter and a wonderful time." Irish News

"Set in the American Heartland of Whitefish Bay, it is the plain spoken Minnesotan story of Lars Knudsen’s need to find love…" American Eagle News

"…a pleasant romantic comedy…very entertaining." Gardena Valley News

"This one really reels in the laughs." Arthur Cantor - Tony Award Winning Producer

Click to view

LA Weekly

Irish News

Tolucan Times

American Eagle News


Rochester Post

Winona Daily News

Winona Cardinal

Edina Sun

Hostfest Pilgrimage Article

Crappie Talk -Hostfest


Produced One-Acts:

A security guard at a mattress warehouse takes his job a little too seriously. The Security Guard is available for licensing through Heuer Publishing at

A folksinger who pretends to be much more than he is.


Three people are evacuated to a high school gymnasium during a hurricane; the work-a-holic advertising executive, the woman of his nightmares, and the most lovable, interfering old woman are all "ruled" by an over-zealous security guard. Hurricane Gramma is available for licensing through JAC Publishing at

Two homeless people find love on the streets. Toddy and Becky is available for licensing through Heuer Publishing at

Too many Sequoia’s, too little time.


A tour guide at the Gene Autry Museum makes things up to sound impressive.



Two women meet a man in a bar and discover his disturbing secret. Girls Night Out is available for licensing through Heuer Publishing at

Produced Sketch Comedy:

Co-wrote and performed in sketch comedy with fellow Groundling Alums at The Attic Theatre in Hollywood, and at The Company of Angels Theatre in Silverlake.

Wrote and performed sketch comedy at The Upfront in Santa Monica.

Wrote and performed sketch comedy in Tampa, Florida.